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I take photographs and present them by making books and exhibiting them.
There are two types of photography: those in which I am commissioned to take photographs and do so in collaboration with others, and those in which I take photographs because I want to take them, without being told what to do.
The former is called “work” and the latter is called “artwork,” perhaps.
To say that there is no gap between the two would be a lie, to be honest.
The difference is, of course, whether or not I can control everything, but what I can control is called artistic activity.
I feel a little uncomfortable with the idea that I have control over something that is called an artistic activity and that it is somehow positioned at the top of the list of activities.
It is not that I want to draw a line between “art” and “not art,” but rather, I always feel that there are many things that fall through the cracks when such a line is drawn.
I feel that there are many elements of art in things that are not called art, and that there is a great deal of richness in the difficulty of understanding and talking about them.
This activity started out of a very personal interest to consciously touch such ambiguous things.
I want to meet and talk with people I am interested in, and I want to make books.
This extremely simple activity is the purpose of the website.